Transport and Logistics

Time, money and attention, these three elements are crucial to the service provided by Smeets Ferry. Our mission is to find the optimum balance between these three elements. Your products must arrive at their destination within the shortest possible time, at the lowest possible cost. However, should this jeopardize quality then your products, as well as the image of your company, could be adversely impacted.

We believe transportation and logistics to be the product of cost efficiency, planning, routing and a correct finalization of the transaction. With reliable and cost effective transportation we serve your interest, that of the receiver and the end-user. This consequently results in the creation of durable relationships which, in turn, serve our own interest.

The various products we carry find their way from the Benelux and Germany to a variety of destinations all over Europe, including the UK, and vice versa.

Do you have questions about logistics, transport, shipping or ferry traffic?